Aircraft Management Services

The freedoms and opportunities that come from owning an aircraft are some of the greatest luxuries in life. Managing an aircraft, however, can be very demanding. At Western Airways, we take the headache out of aircraft ownership and handle all of the complexities of day-to-day management so you can relax and enjoy your aircraft. That’s why we offer our clients unparalleled executive aircraft management services.

24/7 Flight Coordination

We handle all the “behind-the-scenes” travel requirements and coordination so you don’t have to. Western Airways performs all of the flight operations and crew activities of your aircraft to ensure that every flight is completely hassle-free.

Private Jet Charter Revenue

When you aren’t utilizing your aircraft, Western Airways’ executive aircraft management program allows it to generate revenue by becoming a part of our expansive aircraft fleet. This allows you all of the luxuries of owning a private jet while helping to offset the cost.

Aircraft Maintenance & Risk Management

Every aircraft managed by Western Airways is maintained to not only meet but exceed FAA aircraft safety standards. We also will assess and manage risks to achieve the highest-level safety and security for you and your aircraft. We use the vast resources of our Aircraft Maintenance department to ensure your aircraft is up-to-date on all routine and scheduled inspections and we can complete any repair or renovation your aircraft needs.