Your schedule. Your comfort. Our pleasure.

Western Airways is proud to operate one the most expansive private jet charter fleets in the industry. From turbo-props to jumbo jets and everything in between we have the perfect jet for you to charter. Whether you are flying alone or with the whole team, chartering a private jet with Western Airways means . . .

Travel anytime, anywhere. You’re schedule is our schedule!

A Private jet charter offers unparalleled service and convenience. Western Airways offers worldwide flight coordination 24/7 a day, 365 days a year. So, for even the most demanding business itinerary, there isn’t an hour in the day that we can’t get a private jet ready for you. Western Airways also offers concierge-level service and flight coordination. It’s our job to worry about your travel itinerary, not yours!

You’re closer to your destination than ever before.

Private charter jets allow you access to over 5,000 destination charter airport around the world. Commercial airlines provide only 500 destination. In case you are not a numbers person, that means there are 10 times more destinations to which a private jet can whisk you away.

No crowds. No lines. No layovers.

Private terminals provide charter jet travelers the luxury of avoiding the noise, crowds, and long, long lines that plague every major commercial airport in the world. With Western Airways, you get out of your car, on to your private jet, and within minutes you are taking off to your destination.

You’re traveling in an exquisite flying machine

The Western fleet is expansive and operated with an unblemished safety record. Every aircraft in Western’s jet charter fleet is meticulously maintain to exceed FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Standards – ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability. This is how Western is able to maintain its ARG/US “Platinum Rating”. So when you step onto a Western Airways private jet, you know there isn’t a safer aircraft you can fly in. See for yourself…